Timetable & Rules:

2017  Timetable :

  • Teams register at 10.30 am and the draw for round one is made.
  • Round 1 – 11.00 am.
  • Clocks (20 min’s each) for Champions section.
  • Novice section, we won’t use clocks. Where a game is too close to adjudicate .. clocks will be used (5 min’s each) to get a fair result.
  • Round 2 –  11.45 am.
  • Lunch — 12.20 to 12.45
  • Round 3 – 12.45pm
  • Blitz play-off (novice section) In the event of teams in joint 1st or 2nd we’ll have a “blitz” play-off (5 min’s). If still a tie, we’ll discount the last board until we have a result.
  • Prize-giving at 2.00 pm

Rules :

  • Touch move applies in all games.
  • All mobiles to be switched off.
  • All games start at the same time.
  • There’s no talking / commenting while games are in progress.
  • If a player has any question / issue, they should pause their chess clock (champions section) and then call the arbiter for assistance.
  • If a team gets a “bye” in the (novice section) they will be awarded 3 pts for this match.
  • Good luck !

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