SwapChess (Bughouse Rules)

To ensure that everyone knows the rules of Swap for the 2016 Chess Mega-Mind event here’s a video and rules below ..

.. The game requires 4 players.  This is team chess, with 2 players on each team, one player will play White, while the other plays Black on a board next to them, across from their opponents..

The normal rules of chess apply with these exceptions:

(1) When a player captures a piece, he must pass it to his partner. For example: if a team’s White player captures his opponent’s rook (a black piece), he must pass it to his partner, who is playing Black. If a pawn promotes and is then captured, it reverts back to being a pawn when it is passed.

(2) On each player’s turn, he may choose to either make a regular chess move on the board, or place one of the pieces his partner has passed to him on the board. There are no restrictions on where pieces may be placed, with the exception that pawns cannot be placed on the first or eighth ranks.

(3) The game ends when any player is checkmated or runs out of time on either board. That player’s team loses the game. Keep in mind that a player is not checkmated if he has the potential to block a check by placing a piece there, even if he doesn’t have a piece “in hand” yet; the possibility of his partner passing something to him is enough to keep the game going.

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