School Teams – Finals day 2017

Played on Saturday 22nd April, in Gonzaga College (Dublin).  There were two events running side by side ..

(i) Primary school finals:

Representing Connaught were Ballinlass N.S. and Craughwell N.S. .. they finished just outside the prizes in 4th and 5th places.  The top 3 were .. St. Marys, Haddington Road , St. Conleths (both of Dublin) and 3rd were Ennis.

(ii) Secondary Schools finals:

The Connaught teams fared better in this event, which was once again dominated by hosts, Gonzaga college.  In the u-19 section St. Geralds of Castlebar finished in 2nd place (behind Gonzaga) .. the pattern was repeated in the u-16 final, with St. Mary’s of Galway 2nd to Gonzaga and with another silver medal were St. Josephs (the bish) in the u-14 section.  Overall a big improvement in last years finals  .. with Connaught teams taking 3 silver medal places.

Thanks to organisers Daniel Lynch and Lukasz Goralski of Leinster Schools Chess Assoc.

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