School chess championships – 2021

When: To be held on Thursdays the 13th of May @ 4.00pm.  In advance of the grand final there will be 3 practice events on April 22nd, 29th and on May 6th.  Students will be put into sections depending on their chess level. All students should play in the practice events to ensure that their rating is a good indicator of their level.

Here are the rating bands for each section:

  1. Section OneExpert players with a rating of 1600 or higher.
  2. Section TwoIntermediate players with a rating over 1200 up to a rating of 1599.
  3. Section ThreeNovice and beginner players rated 1199 or lower.

Prizes fund of €1,500.

  1. First place10 chess sets AND 5 chess timers for their school, All-Ireland Gold medal.
  2. Second place10 chess sets OR 5 chess timers for their school, All-Ireland Silver medal.
  3. Third place5 chess sets OR 3 chess timers for their school All-Ireland Bronze medal.

Grading Prizes:  There will be multiple prize winners in each section.  These will be Medal prizes. Here’s an example of the prizes for the Novice section:

  • Rating band 1:  players rated under 900.
  • Rating band 2:  players rated between 900 and 1000.
  • Rating band 3:  players rated between 1001 and 1100.
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