Galway Finals – The Results 2020

In the mixed NS Galway finals the winners were Bushy Park who came from 1.5pts behind in the last round to pass last years winners St. Pats, in third place was a young and improving Gael scoil Mhic Amhlaigh team.

The NS Girls finals was won by Clairnbridge , with Scoil Ide in 2nd place, Clairnbridge showed their strength in depth by coming in 3rd place too !

Secondary Schoools – the champions are St. Jarleth’s of Tuam. 2nd was last year winners The Bish from Galway, 3rd were Glenamaddy Secondary school & 3rd Calascantius Ortanmore.

In the challenger section – 1st Calascantius , 2nd Glenamaddy , 3rd The junior Bish team.

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