Kids Online Chess Club 2021

We are starting a new term of our online chess club on Wednesday the 3rd of March. The term finishes on Wednesday 26th of May and the fee for the 12 week term is €60.

We will have 3 groups based on each player’s chess level:

  1. 3.30pm to 4.30pm is for Beginners (a parent should attend for the 1st meeting to help kids with the new technology, toggle between zoom and
  2. 5pm group is for the Improvers group.
  3. 7pm group is for our Advanced players.

If your son or daughter is interested then email me your child’s name and which group you’d like him/her to start in. 

This year’s school online championships will happen near the end of our online meet ups. Galway students did brilliantly last year and hopefully this competition can give us something to focus on for the next two months.

And for anyone who want’s extra help with their chess I have availability to do some ”one 2 one” coaching.  Please email me ..

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School chess championships – 2021

When: To be held on Thursdays the 13th of May @ 4.00pm.  In advance of the grand final there will be 3 practice events on April 22nd, 29th and on May 6th.  Students will be put into sections depending on their chess level. All students should play in the practice events to ensure that their rating is a good indicator of their level.

Here are the rating bands for each section:

  1. Section OneExpert players with a rating of 1600 or higher.
  2. Section TwoIntermediate players with a rating over 1200 up to a rating of 1599.
  3. Section ThreeNovice and beginner players rated 1199 or lower.

Prizes fund of €1,500.

  1. First place10 chess sets AND 5 chess timers for their school, All-Ireland Gold medal.
  2. Second place10 chess sets OR 5 chess timers for their school, All-Ireland Silver medal.
  3. Third place5 chess sets OR 3 chess timers for their school All-Ireland Bronze medal.

Grading Prizes:  There will be multiple prize winners in each section.  These will be Medal prizes. Here’s an example of the prizes for the Novice section:

  • Rating band 1:  players rated under 900.
  • Rating band 2:  players rated between 900 and 1000.
  • Rating band 3:  players rated between 1001 and 1100.
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Online schools team chess championships 2020:

Go to for links to these events !

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Online Chess Events – Spring 2020

If you are new to this  .. this video explains how!

For Parents see the above video.. it’s easy to join, go to the sign-in area at , choose your user name and p/w. Then click on REGISTER.   Child safety:  go to and enable “kid mode” .

Go to for links to these events !

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Galway Finals – The Results 2020

In the mixed NS Galway finals the winners were Bushy Park who came from 1.5pts behind in the last round to pass last years winners St. Pats, in third place was a young and improving Gael scoil Mhic Amhlaigh team.

The NS Girls finals was won by Clairnbridge , with Scoil Ide in 2nd place, Clairnbridge showed their strength in depth by coming in 3rd place too !

Secondary Schoools – the champions are St. Jarleth’s of Tuam. 2nd was last year winners The Bish from Galway, 3rd were Glenamaddy Secondary school & 3rd Calascantius Ortanmore.

In the challenger section – 1st Calascantius , 2nd Glenamaddy , 3rd The junior Bish team.

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Schools chess finals 2020 – entry lists

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Galway N.S. Chess Finals 2020:

Entries are open for this year’s National Schools finals for mixed teams of 8 players and a separate event for girl’s teams of 4 players.

Entries to numbers are limited and will be allocated on a first come first registered basis.

Galway N.S. Chess
Girls N.S. Chess
Teams of 8 playes.
Aridlaun Hotel,
Taylors hill, Galway.
Tuesday 10
th of March.
10.00 am to 3.00 pm
€40 per team.
Teams of 4 players.
Venue: The Bridge Centre,
St. Mary’s Road, Galway.
Monday 9th of March.
10.00 am to 3.00 pm
€20 per team.  

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each competition.  Plus the best player on every team will win a star player prize too.  

And the best teams in both competitions will qualify for the All-Ireland finals in June.

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Feb. – Junior event .. the results !

Congrats to all participants inour February event. With a special mention for the winners .. 1st Odhran, 2nd Christopher, 3rd Luke, 4th Leon. In the girls section the winners were .. 1st Robyn, 2nd Siofra & 3rd Eabha. Best new-comer was Tom Casey .. but there were plenty more great performances !
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London Chess Conference

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Chess Event – Sunday 2nd Feb.

Chess Tournament :

Sunday  –  2nd February  ..   2 pm  –  5 pm.

At the Bridge club,  on St. Mary’s Road, Galway.

Entry fee  –  € 10.

Every player gets 6 games with prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd.

Parents can stay to watch or return later for the prize

giving.   Kids should bring a light lunch and a drink.

Register on the day.

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